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A few of my original tunes

Epic is a fairly recent track that is a ‘one off’ improvisation on piano with strings and pad on the Roland RD-2000.


Eternity is another piano/strings/pad improv. on the RD-2000. It has a simple recurring beat and lots of reverb to give it a “dreamy” feel.


Cute Thing is a little piano improv. in C – some people seem to like it. Please have a listen and let me know what you think!

Cute Thing

I am developing some (hopefully) more sophisticated versions of Eternity, Epic, Cute Thing and other tunes for future release.

Some Flute/Piano/Guitar pieces

I used to play flute in a small group with Jeff Williams on guitars and Natasha Williams on piano. We were also joined occasionally by Suzanne on string bass or Dyce Davidson on electric bass. Sadly, due to illness, Jeff can no longer play the guitar so our group has broken up. We mostly played live events but have a few recordings from rehearsals.

Nature Boy is a particular favourite of mine we recorded a flute and guitar version of this iconic song which for some reason will not embed in WordPress, so just follow the link!


One of the pieces that every flute player learns at some point is Gluck’s beautiful “Dance of the Blessed Spirits”. This is my attempt – accompanied by the excellent Paul Gardner of with permission.

Dance of the Blessed Spirits

There are versions of Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise for many different instruments. This is me playing a flute adaptation by the great flute virtuoso, James Galway (he does play it just a bit better than me though… just a bit ;-)). Accompanied again by the excellent Paul Gardner of with permission.


If the above don’t put you off, then please try more of my recordings on the SoundCloud site, try my more recent releases and follow me for new releases on Spotify/Apple Music/iTunes/Amazon etc!

Thanks for listening and reading!