Hear me on: Spotify or YouTube Music (free) and Apple Music as well as Amazon Prime Music and most other streaming platforms. Older original music and some classical stuff is on my SoundCloud pages. If you like any of the tunes, please subscribe/follow me on your favourite service. Thanks! More tunes coming soon – hopefully…

Geoff Barton August 2020

I am a scientist who also enjoys performing and writing music.

In July 2020 I started releasing original music through a distributor to most of the popular streaming platforms. You can find me on Spotify and Apple Music as well as Amazon and elsewhere. You can also hear my tunes on YouTube Music .

Since 2017 I have released recordings of original music as well as interpretations of classical/jazz pieces on the SoundCloud platform. There is a small selection on this page.

I don’t have a fixed genre – the first two singles have been described by others as “Progressive pop” and “Electronic Chill”, the third is more Jazz – not sure what is next…